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Hello, all! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce and tell you a little about myself. I'm Mindy, a 24yo Military Police Army Reservist from Missouri. I've been in for about 5.5 years and have loved every single second of it. In weighing my choices for a career, however, I've found that the Coast Guard fits more of my needs, and as such I am currently in the application process for Coast Guard OCS with the hopes of spending the next twenty years in CG aviation.

Just in case I can't get into aviation, though, of course I have a strong educational background to support me in whatever job the Coast Guard sees fit to assign me... I have a BS in Criminology from Missouri State U and will be relocating to the east coast this fall to begin pursuit of my MA in Government with a Homeland Security concentration at Johns Hopkins. I'd like to commission into the Reserve component of the CG initially, then transfer to active duty after completion of my graduate degree.

I'd love to chat with some Coastie ladies, especially officers, if there are any out there. The more info I can get to help me prepare now, the better!

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